2015 has seen content marketing become a major priority in the B2B marketing world. Of course the down side to this is major clutter in your in-box, social media feed and across the web.
So as a business how do you break through the clutter to ensure your business is the shining light readers are drawn to?

Quite simply – through quality content.

Most marketing literature is short lived; you scroll past social media, file your email to ‘read later’ but never get around to it, even printed media can get hidden under piles of paperwork. You need a marketing strategy that offers value and education, is a reusable asset and doesn’t expire. This is content marketing.

Content marketing concept in word tag cloud on white background‘How will I know what content will be a reusable asset and keep producing value?’ You ask.

First of all, know your customer. This is fundamental in any area of your business whether selling a product or service, the same applies to your content marketing. To gain a competitive edge B2B companies need to invest in time and the marketing tools necessary to fully understand their customer’s decision making process. Only then can you provide more value through content.

Secondly you need to quantify results. Understandably it is hard for B2B owners and directors to put money into marketing when they can’t visibly see the value. Reporting needs to be done, connecting the marketing activities to revenue; showing what’s being spent is bringing income back into the business. You can see the impressions or clicks on a marketing email or blog post – you need to go a step further and report when that click resulted in a sale to see the true ROI. Only then will you fully appreciate the power of content marketing. Making money is the name of the game after all!

This interesting article from bizible goes through the four components of B2B Content Marketing; follow them and they will take you leaps and bounds beyond where you are right now.
• Identify your niche and get to know your audience
• Write using the ten principles of successful content
• Promote content to drive readers, leads, customers and promoters
• Report accurately on the success of your campaigns

Now that you know quality, educational, reusable content is the opportunity to get ahead of the competition and increase your business, are you going to struggle to find time to commit this content marketing strategy? Unless you have a dedicated marketing team you probably will struggle, which is where Current Content can help!

Why not get in touch today to discuss your content marketing strategy? Be ready to kick-start 2016 with a bang!

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