Your Website is Your Shop Front

Like any retailer you need to be creative with your window dressing. In the digital world your website is your shop front. Investing in email marketing, social media and Google Ads that direct visitors to your website could all be money down the drain if your homepage and landing pages don’t convey the right message. Your Websiite is your shopfront

Just like the high street store, advertising and window dressing may get the shoppers in, but it’s the content inside which will secure the sale and bring them back again and again. Your homepage needs to assure visitors that you are in a position to give them what they want with content that is both appealing and informative.

As you plan your website’s homepage, and product or service landing pages focus on the message you want to give; think of it as a story, the why, how & what…

Why – Businesses with effective homepages focus on why they do what they do. Tell your visitors why you sell a product or service in a way that helps them see it as something that they need.

If you are selling a super efficient cleaning service, talk about why you decided to set up this business and what makes you different to similar businesses.

How – The next stage is to tell your visitors how you achieve success. How you help clients with your product or service. Using images and videos can be helpful, just be careful to optimize sizes correctly, otherwise they may slow down the loading speed of your site. A page taking more than 5 seconds to load is likely to be clicked off again very quickly. Your Websiite is your shopfront - the Why, How What

Testimonials from existing clients are great for giving visitors trust and confidence in your business.

What – Now, highlight what you do.  Be more specific about the products and services you offer, always pointing out how advantageous, cost effective, productive etc. this can be for the reader. Don’t go into too much detail here; instead include a link taking your reader to a dedicated page with more specific information.

And now… back to why – Like many stories going back to the top reiterates the why. Remind visitors again of why you do what you do and what you want them to do next with an encouraging call to action. Your Websiite is your shopfront - whats-your-story

So remember your website is your shop front, dress it up and draw those visitors inside.

Tell us a story and we’ll help you with the Why, How & What needed for your homepage.


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