When was the last time you went through your website checking everything is still relevant, links still work, keywords are still appropriate for your market, images still send out the right message… the list goes on? Going through a full website review checklist you are bound to find problems, or things you want to change – some will be big, some not so big.

One thing you can be sure of, carrying out a website review checklist will give your website a new lease of life and portray your business in the professional way it should be.

Before we start our website review checklist be warned, there will be things you can do yourself and others that may be more techie. Of course if you’re not computer minded at all Current Content offers a full website review service, making the recommendations and applying the changes for you if you wish.

Here’s our Website Review Checklist

Check everything still works.

Do your email links still connect? If they do are they still going to the right inboxes? An email enquiry going to a redundant email address that is no longer monitored is a lost business opportunity.

Do you create regular blog posts? If not you really should, they help keep your website fresh, plus regular blog posts will encourage regular repeat visitors to your website which can help build customer loyalty and brand recognition. Getting back to the post – internal link building from a post to other pages on your website is good. For added benefit go back to older blog posts and link them to newer ones if the content is relevant. This is really useful for generating more views and visitors!

Duplicate content – okay we all know it’s wrong to duplicate content from other sites. While it’s difficult to stop others using your content, it’s good to know that Google only gives credit to the content published first. However it’s not a good idea to have too much duplicate content within your own website either as this can affect your Google rankings too.

Check your basic SEO. Does every new blog post contain relevant keywords in the page name? It’s really important that these keywords are in the unique titles of each post as Google uses the title tag for indexing. If your website is a WordPress site the Yoast SEO plugin is ideal for ensuring your basic SEO is ticked off. It operates on a red, amber and green system allowing you to check each page status at a glance and make appropriate changes to get the page into the green.

computer for website review checklist

Let’s look at some of the less techie elements on your website review checklist…

Taking your website page by page look at these areas:-


  • Is the layout well organised with content relevant to the page it is on?
  • Does your home page feature what’s most important about your business so that visitors know exactly who you are and what you do as soon as they click into your site?
  • Is the layout easy to read and easy to navigate?
  • Are your sub pages consistent in their layout and the overall feel of your website?
  • Is the contact information correct and clear within the footer?


  • Are you using H1, H2 and H3 headlines in your content? These are not only vital elements to SEO but help to guide visitors who mostly skim read to latch onto areas of interest more quickly.
  • Do the fonts match your company branding? And, perhaps more importantly, is the font type and size for the main body of text easy to read? If not people will jump off your website as quickly as they jumped on!

Clickable Elements

  • Do you have easily identifiable clickable links? Using a different colour text, either as a constant or when the mouse hovers over it will make the links more obvious.
  • Make the most of buttons to guide visitors through your website.
  • Social media is an important tool for getting more traffic to your website. Make sure your social media icons are utilized well, connecting to your Facebook or Twitter pages and encouraging visitors to like and share your content.
  • Call to action buttons are your mode of transport for getting visitors on your website to take the next steps that you want them to take. Make the CTA’s effective and make sure that they link to the right places!

The final, but by no means least important section on our website review checklist is branding.


  • Perhaps this is the easiest area for you as a company to check yourself.
  • Is your brand message clear and reflected consistently throughout your website?
  • Does the colour scheme connect with your brand and your logo?
  • Is your logo clear and prominent on all pages? A company logo is the symbol that connects your website, social media and all other branding, providing instant recognition as a stand-alone image.
  • Do your images reflect your company personality and branding?

If you’re now thinking it’s time to create your own website review checklist and make the relevant changes but don’t have the time we can help!

Why not get in touch today and let Current Content work through your website review checklist?

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