How Successful is Twitter for your Business?

Are you, like many business owners still not convinced that Twitter is for your business? If you don’t want your competitors to get ahead of the game perhaps it’s time you changed your mindset.

Here are 8 snippets to encourage you to get tweeting and see for yourself that Twitter is for your business after all!


Twitter is the ideal non-interruptive marketing tool. You can build an audience, develop relationships, and let your audience know about your product or service. They can ignore it if they wish, but for those interested they can follow through, check out your website and possibly become your next biggest client! twitter for your business

Did you know that search engines watch social media activity? If you use Twitter for your business, linking tweets back to your website Google will see that web pages are being shared on social media. Google interprets this as the web pages having value to your visitors, which in turn will help improve your rankings.

Okay, maybe you have Twitter for your business already. The question is how often do you Tweet?


Successful Twitter marketing does depend on the time and effort put into it. Consistency is the key to successful marketing. Tweeting updates only now and again is unlikely to deliver results. If you don’t have the time, or writing is just not your thing…

Outsourcing your social media task to Current Content can help you get your foot on the Twitter perch.


Don’t buy followers; it will be a waste of money as it’s likely that most will not be relevant to your product or service. To build followers send out tweets with information people will find useful, linking them to your website which has even more useful info. People will then start sharing the information by re-tweeting, which can lead to others following you too. twitter-bird - twitter for your business

Follow others – this is another good way to build followers. Think of the types of businesses that will benefit from your product or service and follow their business accounts. Chances are they will follow you back. Yes, it takes time and effort. Consider outsourcing the tasks, Current Content can help with this.

If you don’t use Twitter for your business you will never know the value of those missed opportunities.


Creating a Twitter account is simple; just enter a few details in the Join Twitter Today sign-up box. Before you do, take a few minutes to consider your user name. If your business name immediately tells people what your business is about, great, that’s first choice. If not, choose something that does do this. For example if your business is called J. Smith & Son, it gives not idea that you are plumbing contractors. So aim for a user name that includes plumbing to give Twitter users an idea of what your business is about. This is really important as your username is one of the most visible parts you on Twitter. miriam-sewing-concepts-twitter for your business

First impressions count on Twitter, the same as they do on your website or shop front. One of the first things people look at on your profile when deciding whether to follow you is your Bio. Make it short and punchy giving an instant impression of what your business is about. Be sure to include a strong call to action – think of your bio like an advertisement, you want to encourage visitors to follow you and link through to your website.

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