If your business is a bit of a stranger to social media you’re missing out on business opportunities every day. It’s time to plan your 2019 social media strategy.

Did you know that around a quarter of the world’s population uses Facebook?

Okay, you may not be quite ready for world domination, but you can be sure that a very large percentage of customers you’re looking for use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram every day. What can you do to benefit from all that social media use?

We’ve put together 8 tips to help you plan your 2019 social media strategy

  •  Outsource your social media posting

You have enough to do running your business, let alone find time for posting on social media, especially true if social media is just not your thing on a personal level. Outsourcing to a company like Current Content takes the pressure off you and gets your business out there on the social channels. Or, if you have an employee who can commit time and attention to the consistency that is needed for successful social media, that can work well too.

  • Create a marketing schedule

This is important for outsourcing or in-house management of your social media. A schedule ensures consistency of your posts. It also helps when planning sales campaigns, tying in with local and national holiday seasons like Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

  • Pre-schedule your Posts

With your marketing schedule you now know what your posts will be and when you want them to publish. Using a schedules option means you don’t have to think about it every day. You can pre-schedule posts in advance. You are able to schedule posts directly on you Facebook page, or for Twitter you can use tweet-deck. There are many other scheduling programmes like Hootsuite and our favourite Social Pilot.

  • It’s not all about promotions and special offers

While your followers like to know about a good deal you have on offer,if that’s all you ever post about they will eventually tune out and stop engaging with your page. Mix up your posts with industry news, helpful tips or educational pieces. Include relevant images, funny videos, and current events. When linked to the products and services your business offers your customers will see value in following your page.

  • Make sure to use a call-to-action

It’s important to remember that this is a business; you’re not just on social media to share pictures of cute cats and naughty puppies. Every post should have a purpose. This can be sales, to visit to your website, to share the post etc. Always include a call-to-actions that’s clear, giving them a choice can be too distracting.

  • Interact with your followers

Even if you are outsourcing your social media posting it is still a good idea to appoint a responsible person in house to monitor comments and direct messages, and respond accordingly. This lets your followers know you are watching and that you appreciate their comments. Interacting also fuels engagements which in turn help you to be more visible in the busy news feeds of followers.

plan your 2019 social media strategy
  • Check out your social insights

Learning to understand your social insights will help to improve the content you share and increase your following. You can check when people are most active, demographics, posts that have the most engagements, and more.

  • Focus on the social media platforms most likely to be used by your target market

Do your research and focus your efforts on the social media platforms your customers will use. You can always promote other platforms with give-aways, competitions, etc. to help build them. Having a presence on multiple platforms will give a small business a more established look – but only if you keep them updated!

So there you have it, the help you need to plan your 2019 social media strategy.

A little planning, plenty of variety and consistent posting with encouragement to share and engage will make your social media work for your business.

At Current Content we have a number of packages that include social media scheduling – why not get in touch today and kick-start your 2019strategy?

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