Generating business from your website isn’t as simple as putting your website live and watching the sales flood in.

There can be many reasons why people leave your website. We’ve outlined five common mistakes businesses can make with their website. Addressing these issues can substantially improve your website conversion rate.

Design really does matter. Unfortunately too many of us do ‘judge a book by its cover’. You only have a couple of seconds to make that initial impression.

An outdated website design = an outdated business in the visitors eyes. If your site is still back in the dark ages it’s time for a facelift. Websites today really need to be mobile responsive, especially if you sell your product or service online.

laptop and tablet - why people leave your websiteA confusing heading or site name can make visitors suspicious that your website is untrustworthy. On his blog Social Triggers, Derek Halpern talks about a study carried out by psychologist and researcher Dr Elizabeth Sillence on how a website design can evoke trust or suspicion. The study found that 94% of the participants’ distrust of a website was due to its design.

Hard to read content can be another reason why people leave your website. The fonts and colours used for your text, as well as the background colours all determine how easy or difficult it is to read. If it’s not easy to read your visitor won’t stick around too long. Of course it’s your choice which fonts to use, but Sans or Sans Serif are considered the easiest to read.

Contrast your text with space and colour; dark text on a light background is easier to read for longer pieces of text. As for font size, larger fonts give the reader a better experience. Larger than 22px is good for headings, while 14px or larger is ideal for the body of content.

Unclear Navigation can be why people leave your website


A good navigation structure on your website is vital; not only for a good user experience, but for your SEO also. If people can’t find what they are looking for quickly they’ll be gone – most likely to your competitor!

Walk through your website as if you were a customer. Are things where you expected to find them? By rearranging your content organisation to reflect how your customers would use the site will certainly stop you losing potential business due to bad navigation.

Your website personality should reflect your branding and the way that you do business. It’s not going to work if you are a solicitor firm with a website that has comic strip images and super heros. Likewise, a children’s book store, for example, won’t look very inviting if the website resembles Shakespearean times. I’m sure you get the picture.

Make sure your website is as true to your business as you are. Remember our first point? You need to emit trustworthiness from your website; give visitors confidence that you are a professional in your industry, if you are to engage them more and generate sales.

No Call to Action? This is another reason why people leave your website. We still come across websites where there is no call-to-action on the page. If you are not prompting the reader to take the next step the sale will be lost, it’s as simple as that!

Every page on your website needs to have a call-to-action. This has to be a relevant, compelling call-to-action that will encourage visitors to take that next step. Keep readers focused with urgency words like ‘now’ or ‘today’ in your call-to-action buttons. Reminding visitors to do something right now can actually get them to click that button.

Do these points on why people leave your website resonate with you?  Make the changes today! Talk to Sue in Current Content – we can help!

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