Premium Content Package

Cost controlled online content management, for strong company branding

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Your website is a strong business tool; keep the content relevant

For €170 per month* the Premium Content package gives a cost controlled foundation to help keep your website content updated and your online presence current.

Defining your company’s identity with a stronger web presence could increase your turnover, taking your business to another level. We can help boost visits to your website through an informative Email Marketing Campaign, and Social Media Posts, linking back to your website.

This is your business and we want you to have as much or as little input into your website content and online marketing as you want to.

How does this work?

We can write all text for your website content. Upload appropriate images. Design all offers and campaigns. Make the required amendments to achieve optimum results. Post random points of interest to your Social Media page. Email everything to you for approval.

Or if you wish… You can supply all finished content and images to be uploaded and posted.

The choice is yours!

*12 month contract payable on 1st of each month with one month in advance

Website Content


Website Content


Current Content



Website Content

Current content

Blog Post

Premium Content offers Blog Post with image each month.  You can supply the finished content or just send us the rough copy and we wll write the content (approx 300-500 words) and email to you for approval. Images can be supplied by you the client, or we can source from reliable providers like Istock and invoice separately.

Social Media Post

With the Premium Package we will write and schedule 90 social media posts each month to your chosen social media platform like Facebook & Twitter. Special offers, new product information, tips, photographs etc that you provide or relevant information that we source; all linking back to your website, keeping your company active on social media.

Email Marketing

Each month we will create 1 marketing email with links to your website. We will send it to your client database though a recognised mailing programme like Mailchimp, or your own custom emailing programme. Again we can design and send to you for approval. Alternatively you, the client, can provide all content and images for the campaign.

See our Services Page

for more details on what help Current Content can offer to increase web presence for your business. We can tailor make a package to suit you… just let us know what you’re thinking; consider Current Content as your company’s Virtual Marketing Department!