There is so much info around how often to post on social media that even I can find it confusing! So while trying to pin down optimum times for my clients and for Current Content, I decided to share it. Hopefully this will help you work out what’s best for your business.

While how often to post on social media can be a million dollar question, it has to be said that the same rules don’t always apply to every business sector. Choosing the social media platform that best suits your business is as much a part of your social media success as when you post. Don’t think that you have to be on every platform; it’s not always the case. You can end up spending both cash and man hours on a platform that just doesn’t work for your market.

Let’s take a look at where, when and how often to post on social media.


Twitter is a good social media platform for pretty much every business. It is still mostly a chronological social network where your tweets have a relatively short shelf life.

  • Frequency – Tweet often is the general consensus; some say 3-30 times a day. Sounds a lot – I know. Because of the ever changing feed you can repeat your posts more often; especially if you are linking to a blog post or promoting an event for example. Tweet your content multiple times to get more views.
  • Days – There is no major difference in what days you post on twitter.
  • Times – Time doesn’t matter too much either. According to studies by Social Bakers, 3-5 tweets per day is the optimum for engagement. Remember too that engagement will attract more followers!

Using relevant or trending #Hashtags in your twitter posts can really help to reach your target audience. Here are some handy ones to know from Zonua.

Facebook is still one of the best social media platforms to reach consumers


It may well be one of the best social media platforms; however it does prioritize fresh content, not wanting to inundate users with one company’s posts.

  • Frequency – A maximum of 2 posts per day on Facebook is considered best. More than this and you’re in danger of being punished by Facebook with their algorithm, especially if you are not getting much engagement on your posts.
  • Days – Other than Friday and Saturday when there is a slight dip in engagement any day is a good day on Facebook.
  • Times – In studies, early afternoon comes out as a good time for Facebook posts. Having said that, if you think about the times when people have idle hands and reach for their phone or tablet it’s often commute times, lunch breaks of evening time. So depending on your line of business fitting into these time frames should help with reach and engagement.

Key with Facebook is quality posts over frequency, having a presence and being active shows potential customers that you are active in your business. Many people use Facebook as a search tool to research businesses – if you are inactive on Facebook they may go to a competitor who is more prominent there! How often to post on Social Media

Again, quality content posted on LinkedIn will result in more engagement.


LinkedIn is known as a business networking site. If your business is B2B it makes sense to be active on LinkedIn.

  • Frequency – Sharing 2-5 posts per week on LinkedIn seems to give maximum value. Like Facebook, the guys at LinkdIn don’t want users feeds being clogged by any one company’s repeated posts. This means the second post in a day can affect the performance of the first post.
  • Days – As this is a business platform posting on weekends may well be wasted time. Tuesday to Friday are good days, with Tuesday and Wednesday slightly better.
  • Times – While there will still be lots of business people who check their LinkedIn feed in the evenings, during business hours before 5pm is the more optimum time frame. However, business hours can be different so keep this in mind when deciding on your schedule.


We’ve covered how often to post on social media for the major platforms.

Here are a few others in brief:-


Not many businesses use it and many more consider it a waste of time. But having a Google+ account and posting on it does help with your SEO. If you have a website you should have a Google+ account with a fully optimized profile page. Keep it active; optimum posting is 2-3 times a day with mornings being the best time.


It really is all about beautiful pictures… we can talk more about Instagram for business in a future blog. Posting once or twice a day is the suggested frequency, with evenings or early mornings being most favourable times.


If Pinterest suits your business posting a minimum of three pins per day, up to a maximum of 30 is recommended.


At Current Content we have content packages to help you manage your social media scheduling at prime times to attract your target audience.

Drop us a line if you’d like to learn more about how we can take this task off your ‘to do’ list and add it to ours!

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