Do you know how to write meta descriptions for your website? Perhaps you think they are not important. This is not the case. Without good meta descriptions you could be losing out to the competition big time.

Just to clarify, the meta description is the snippet of text that you see below each link on the search results page. It provides more information about the website to both the searcher and internet search engines.

Now, put yourself in the searchers shoes for a moment. You type your search into Google and the list of results shows up. What do you do next? If you’re like me you will read down the list of meta descriptions to ensure you click on the website most relevant to your search. It will be the little snippet that has engaged and encouraged you with a call to action. It is usually one of the top five on the page because these are the guys who have put time and effort into their meta descriptions.

Your meta description is your first and last attempt to get the attention of the browser and a click through to your website. Brushing it off as unimportant can mean less traffic and less business. Adding a meta description to your website is easy, especially on a WordPress site. How to write meta descriptions that attract the visitor and help your SEO links takes a little more thought and work.

It’s important to remember too that your meta description is also used when people share content on social media. Without an engaging meta description the post may not attract attention in a busy news feed. Don’t miss out on the opportunities social media presence can bring. Well written meta descriptions will encourage clicks on the post, meaning more traffic to your website.

How to write meta descriptions for your website

Here at Current Content we refer to your website as a member of your sales team. Now think of your meta description as your website’s last sales pitch to the searcher. Its most important task is to get that person to click through to your website. For the searcher the meta description is a deciding factor as to which search result will be most helpful or relevant to their question.

By writing a high quality meta description you will ensure the searcher doesn’t continue searching.How to write meta descriptions example

If you have a WordPress website with the Yoast Plugin installed it will tell you if your meta description is too long or too short. It also shows you a preview of what your description will look like on the search results page.

Writing meta descriptions isn’t too different from writing good content on your web pages. If writing isn’t your strong point, talk to us here at Current Content… it’s what we do! The biggest challenge with a meta description is that you have to sell what lies beyond the link in just a few sentences.

Learning how to write meta descriptions is quite similar to learning to write advertisements.

  • Think of the ads that draw you in, whether it’s on TV, in magazines or on the web. What is that hook?
  • Every word in your meta description should be focused on producing a click through to your website while still being true to the page.
  • Don’t take the easy way out writing a generic or vague meta description. A searcher will skip over it in search of a description that better fits their query.
  • Use language relevant to your target audience and your business. It will appeal to them and assure them this is the website they need to click on.
  • Use your focus keywords authentically when you write your meta descriptions, making sure that the sentences flow.
  • Don’t throw your keywords in multiple times for the sake of SEO; it’s not necessary and will not read well.

Once you know how to write meta descriptions for your website, and appreciate their value, you will see an increase in web traffic. While Google doesn’t rank the meta description for SEO, the increased traffic as a result of your click-throughs does help improve your Google rankings.


If you’re not sure where to start, prioritize the home page and other important pages like the product and services first.


Using the help of a content writing service can help to get your meta descriptions spruced up quicker. Why not get in touch – we love to write!

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