You have a great looking website – but why should you keep your content fresh?

Quite simply… fresh, updated content indicates an up-to-date website.

While it’s essential to keep adding fresh content to your website – the easiest way to do this is through regular blog posts. It is equally important that existing information is up-to-date and that you are not displaying invalid information.

Advertising a product you no longer sell, or an event schedule that has long-since had its day, isn’t a good look for your website or your business!Keep Your Content Fresh for SEO

From an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) point of view it is vital to keep your content fresh. Updating content regularly shows Google and other search engines that your website is alive and active, providing up-to-date information to visitors to your website.

Do you have a stack of old blog posts? There is no harm in republishing then on the odd occasion between new posts.

There is definitely a value in republishing.use blog post to keep your website fresh Lots of content you write can be as valid today as it was 12 months ago! Just remember to check them for relevance and update information where necessary. This ensures that you are giving your readers fresh content. Plus, if there are any comments on an old post it would be wise to hide them on the republished article.

If some of your blog posts are old, outdated and no longer relevant then you can delete them to help clean up your website. A word of warning… if you are going to delete, reading this blog post from Yoast will help you do it properly.


It’s not just blog posts that need to be looked at to keep your content fresh.

Look at the other pages on your website on a regular basis. Ensure they are kept current and relevant for your visitors.

Is there anything you need to add to your ‘About page? Perhaps you have picked up a new award, or have a new sales manager. What about the ‘Contact page? Okay it may not change that often, but you should remember to check that the information displayed is still relevant.

faq button - keep your content freshDon’t forget about the FAQ page if you have one.

If you find you’re being asked questions that don’t appear there… get it updated! Testimonials are another important update for your website. Not only are they fresh content to add to your website but they give increased credibility to your business.

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