How to improve your Google ranking in 6 easy steps

Do you want to improve your Google ranking? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Try to put yourself in your clients shoes for a minute. They visit the web looking for an answer to their question; a solution to their problem. If they find this in the content of your website, happy days. The visitor is happy with the answers, Google is happy they delivered the appropriate web search result, and you’re happy to have a new visitor and a prospective new client!

Apply these easy steps to your website and see how you can improve your Google ranking…


1. Make sure the content answers questions or solves problems for your visitor. For example, if they are considering taking out accidental damage cover on their home insurance policy, they need to know what that entails. Therefore giving the visitor clear answers will earn rewards from Google.rubix cube

2. Don’t skimp on the content and make sure it is well written on every website page. Larger pages of good quality, descriptive content will rank better than shorter pages. It makes sense. The longer, more useful the content, the more time spent on the page. This can improve your Google ranking. Remember it has to be quality content, not a load of waffle. It is important the content is easy to read too. Try using a readability text tool like this. Don’t forget grammar and spelling are equally as important – hard to believe, I know. But Google does actually score your website on how good/bad grammar and spelling is. If this isn’t your strong point, Current Content can help.

Keywords still play a huge part in improving your google ranking


3. What about keywords? Research them well, find out what terms your customers use when searching the web. Use these keyword phrases in your content in a natural manner. If you just thrown them in at random, not really contributing to the story, Google will give you a slap on the wrist! Quality keyword phrases used in the title and the first paragraph will help improve your Google ranking.


4. Don’t forget about the importance of using your keyword phrase in the Meta description (the bit of text you see when on the search results page). Google ranks and uses the Meta descriptions when responding to a search request. There is power in the Meta description. It’s the first glimpse of your website that the visitor sees, make it count! The right message here will influence whether someone clicks… and if they do, it helps improve your Google ranking, and gets you the opportunity of more business.

5. A good image will attract the eye and can help with ranking too, especially if the ‘alt tags’ are completed. The alt tag is a piece of text giving a brief description of the image including keyword phrase where appropriate. This helps with Google ranking as the Google bots don’t see images. If an image can’t add value, don’t use it. Adding irrelevant images just for the sake of it can have a negative effect.

Google Doodle

6. How often do you review and refresh your website content? This is one of the key tasks that will contribute to improving your Google ranking. When you take your coffee break open up your website, check just one page. Do you see anything that is out-of-date, a product line discontinued, a new service not mentioned? Businesses evolve and change constantly. Keep your website up to speed. Read through the content, there are sure to be small changes that you can make to the text that will make clearer the services you offer, or help a product description read easier. Small changes can achieve big results. Don’t forget to check that links still work correctly – there’s nothing worse than seeing an error message like ‘Oops this page is no longer available’.

Don’t leave your website out there to fend for itself; a little help in the right places can go a long way towards the top.


If you want the best for your business but don’t have the time or the resources to work on your website, talk to Current Content. We have a range of content writing services to suit every budget… and we love what we do!

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