More ideas for a Content Marketing Strategy than just blog posts

There are more ideas for a Content Marketing Strategy than blogging, which is always the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words content marketing.

To go alongside your regular blog posts, here are 4 other types of content to consider:-


Infographics – visual content is vital for social media. It is proven that content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content without relevant images. Infographics are the ideal way to get a lot of detailed information into one image. Isn’t it more engaging to take this information on visual content in the infographic below from Wicks Marketing, than to try to digest a couple of paragraphs of text? More Ideas for a content marketing strategy - infographic

However simple or complex the infographic is, it should always be clean and easy to follow, with subtle company branding on it.

Social Media – It’s very easy to set up a social media page taking just a few minutes to create a profile. It is however, a lot harder to get social traction and build an audience, even for big name brands. Don’t be put off by this. It is essential for businesses to have a social media presence. You just have to find the best way to manage this for your business. Sharing posts helps build a connection with your clients and target audience. Consistency with your posts is an important ingredient for social media success.

Having a Facebook page is pretty much a must for every business, especially as Facebook is being used as a search engine more and more. Quality Facebook posts have the potential to turn visitors into new customers every day.

If Social Media isn’t your strong point, or you just don’t have the time, Current Content can help with our tailored social media service.


YouTube – While visual content is thriving, videos are top of the leader board. Posting videos on social media, as part of an email marketing campaign, or on your website is great. Creating a YouTube channel with your own library of video content is even better. People can connect with video, often much easier than with a written article or blog post. A video has a clear beginning, middle and  end. Add to this sight, sound and story, and a video makes a powerful impact on your audience.

Embed a YouTube video into your blog post. Put a link to your blog in the YouTube description. Creating this link will send traffic back and forth between your website and YouTube channel, resulting in more exposure, as well as helping with SEO.

More ideas for a Content Marketing Strategy - podcast-social-media-examinerPodcast – This great form of content is starting to increase in popularity. Placing podcasts on your website will improve the content experience for visitors to the site. Your blog posts hold valuable information, but not everyone is into reading. Creating a podcast of the post gives visitors the opportunity to listen to it while they are doing something else – jogging or travelling perhaps. If you’re not sure where to start in creating a podcast, check out Social Media Examiner for an insight.

These are all exciting content elements to add to your content marketing strategy. Teamed up with regular blog posts your Google rankings will improve, leading to more visibility for your website, and more credibility for your brand and your business.

If you need some help with blog posts, social media or email marketing why not talk to Current Content about a tailored content refresh package, scratching one more thing off your ‘To Do’ list?


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