How many of you know how Google works when it comes to search ranking? It can be complicated I know, but understanding Google and SEO can help you to improve both your SEO and your Google ranking.

So how does Google work?

Google has a crawler, an index and an algorithm.

Crawlers follow links from one web page to another working 24/7 saving the HTML version of the pages to a huge database. This is the index.

When the crawler visits your website again to find new or updated pages a new version of the page is saved and the index is updated. It does depend on the amount of changes you make and the volume of traffic to your website as to how often the crawlers will stop by.

This is why I’m always harping on about refreshing your content… The more you update the more the crawlers will visit! If you need the help of a content writing service to update your website with news or blog posts, talk to us!

Ultimately for this process to begin your website needs to have a link from another site that is already in Google’s index. It is only after the first crawler session that your website will appear on Google’s search results pages. Google Crawler - Google and SEO

Google’s secret algorithm is a mystery you could spend years trying to unravel.

I wouldn’t bother. They are constantly changing it anyway!

If you have a WordPress site installing Yoast SEO plugin (there’s a premium and a free version) is a great start to improving your Google and SEO situation. Yoast SEO uses a green, amber, red light system to help you cover some of the key areas that Google looks for when ranking web pages. It advises you on things like readability difficulty, keyword use, recommended word count, links to other pages and sites, plus lots more.

We all know the Google search results page (often referred to as SERP). We all want our site to be on page one too! To get here in the organic search results Google has to be sure of the relevance your site has to the visitors search terms – after all they have built their reputation on providing us with quick, relevant results.

What part do links play with Google and SEO?

It’s important to understand the part links play in Google’s algorithm for page ranking. Google and other search engines do determine how important a page is by the links pointing to it. These can be external and internal links, but generally links from sites that have lots of incoming links themselves are considered more important than those from smaller sites with fewer links.

Logical link building can be a good SEO strategy but do be careful that they are useful and relevant or Google could punish you. Yoast have a good article about the dangers of link building you may find useful.

Hopefully this piece has cleared a little of the mystery surrounding Google and SEO.

If you want some help with fixing your website content to improve SEO, or have the Yoast SEO plugin and want to get into the green, get in touch, we’re happy to help.

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