Google rewards great content

Your audience want great content

Your business deserves great content

The impact of your website or your blog content can become diluted and less effective if too much emphasise is put on SEO and keywords (especially if you are not an SEO expert – let’s face it not too many of us are!).

While it is hard to keep up with the changing rules that Google has in terms of rankings; the one clear fact is Google wants to see quality content.

Google maintain the number one slot for best search engine and information provider by giving accurate search results. Quite simply, informative content gives Google all the answers its browsers are looking for!

So if you follow Google’s standards, producing well written, information rich content relative to your business and your readers, it will help with SEO in a natural way, not forced; because Google does reward quality content.

Of course being able to write what you want to say in an engaging, informative way is a skill not every business owner or staff member has. Competition is tough out there and potential customers browsing the web are impatient. If your content doesn’t grab your audience, they will quickly move on to the next site.

It’s time to stop trying to squeeze in that last keyword and start focusing on your brand and your message!

At Current Content we can help you produce content that will please Google, inform your audience and help grow your business. We offer this service as part of a monthly refresh package, a revamp of your website, or a standalone job. Contact us today for a quotation and bring your website up to speed!

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