It is crucial for all businesses to have an online presence these days, and that includes restaurants and cafes.

Give your restaurant stronger online presence with a vibrant website filled with credible content and great images. Add to this strong social media activity to stay ahead of the competition.

Gone are the days when people searched for restaurants in the newspaper or Golden Pages. Now with phones and tablets always to hand, the internet is where they go. If you’re restaurant or cafe is not up there in Google or social media searches like FaceBook, then who knows how much business you are losing to the competition.

Check out these 6 tips to give your restaurant stronger online presence.

1. If you have a website already that’s good. If you have a mobile friendly website that’s great! Traditional websites are difficult to use on mobile devices. Statistics show that up to 90% of people look up a restaurant online before booking or dining. Almost 50% of that traffic is from mobile devices. A mobile friendly website will be easier for the customer to use. For more advice on mobile responsive websites talk to Barry Design & Print. Give Your Restaurant Stronger Online Presence

2. Design your website to fit the atmosphere and style of your restaurant. Keep it up to date with credible content and good quality images. You want customers to get a feel for your restaurant and be lured by mouth-watering images of the food you serve to make their decision to book. Current Content can help keep your website updated with our range of content refresh packages.

Build your social media platforms to give your website stronger online presence

3.Active social media platforms will help give your website stronger online presence. Mouth-watering images of your food will attract attention on FaceBook, Instagram and Twitter. Communicate with customers; respond to people’s comments, even their complaints, and show them that you care about their opinion. Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially in the food business. Share photos and information on social media and your website like food being cooked, fresh ingredients, desserts to die for, your restaurants atmosphere and unique vibe. This can all help spread the potential customer net wider as well as building up steady customer base bringing in repeat business. Post content with links back to your website’s menu page, book now, or photo gallery to encourage website traffic and improve Google rankings.

Scoozi's Facebook - give your restaurant stronger online presence

From Scoozi’s FaceBook Page

4. FaceBook is a great marketing tool for restaurants and cafes to build connections with customers. Again continuous new content is key. Share news about the restaurant, meals, recipes, discount vouchers for liking and sharing your page and of course many, many mouth-watering photos. Remember to mark your FaceBook page as a Place Location so that visitors can check in and be seen by friends.

An online menu is an absolute must for every restaurant website.

5. Make sure to have an online menu. A restaurant website without a menu is missing so many opportunities. Don’t just take a photo of your table-top menu. Take time to create something special, reflecting your restaurant’s vibe that is up to date and easy to read. An online reservation system is also good to have on your website. Make it as easy as possible for customers to make a reservation with you.

6. Build an email list that you can send out regular mailshots. Once a month is usually enough not to annoy recipients and for them to look forward to receiving it in their inbox. Promote special events, new menu’s, helpful information on recipes and nutrition, competitions, and wonderful mouth-watering photos etc. Have a sign up form on your website and encourage followers on social media to signup too. The mailshot has to be appealing to the customer, the aim here is to get them to visit your website and give your restaurant stronger online presence, to visit your restaurant and become a regular customer. Mailchimp is an easy to use programme for this and is free to use for lists with less than 2000 emails.

If you want to give your restaurant stronger online presence but don’t have the time to give to social media, website updates and email newsletters, talk to Sue in Current Content. We can put a package together to suit your budget and help get your restaurant ahead of the competition.

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