Are you generating leads from your website? Great if you are, but is there enough of them coming through?

There are lots of factors to consider for your website to be a success in lead generation; it all starts with the layout and flow of your website. All pages should have an element and call-to-action that leads the visitor to the next stage, and then the next.

A visitor to your website learns – trusts – takes action

The process can often start with a blog post; it can be found organically through keyword search, shared by email or social media. The blog can then link to the service page connecting your services / products to the visitors search for information. The services page can then link back to about your company, why you do what you do, achievements in the sector etc. This promotes trust and can encourage the visitor to click through to the contact page to get in touch. You can create an auto response thanking the visitor for making contact – and there you have it – a lead is born!

A classic conversion funnel can look like this:

Let’s look at the key points for each step of generating leads from your website

Blog Post

  • People are looking for useful informative information. Think of questions they will ask; the more search friendly your blog post, the more visitors you’ll attract. The more specific the post, the more leads generated.
  • Have a keyword-focused header <h1>
  • A featured image will make your website more attractive. You’re hoping for this post to be shared through social media. It’s well known that an attractive image gets our attention much faster than a bog-standard stock image. Get creative, there are plenty of interesting free-image sites out there – check out this Hubspot blog.
  • Social media share buttons make it easy for visitors to share your information – it’s what you want after all.
  • Give detailed content – the more useful the better. It makes visitors think that your website is the go-to place for credible information.
  • Internal links to the services you offer help guide your visitors towards contacting you.
  • Call-to-action is your final opportunity to get the visitor to stay a while longer on the site – make it count!

Services Page

  • Use this page to sell your product / service. State your value and answer visitors’ questions with evidence to support your answers.
  • The page header should be descriptive, making it clear what you do. Be sure to use words that are familiar in your sector – don’t dress it up if it’s not needed, this only leads to confusion and the possibility of the visitor jumping off your site thinking it’s not what they are looking for.
  • Answer the top questions you come across in your business – even the difficult ones, visitors will respect your honesty and you will gain trust.
  • Videos, images and diagrams are critical. Use whichever relates best to your business. An image can support your content as well as telling its own story.
  • Using a call-to-action, like on every page, is vital on the services page too. Encourage the visitor to get in touch, learn more, book an appointment etc.

About Page

  • This is where visitors can put a face to the name; a popular page visited often when people are considering contacting you.
  • The About page is your opportunity to stand out from your competitors – make the best of it!
  • Tell your story, the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.
  • Use it to show evidence of your achievements and credibility, business awards, membership of professional bodies, testimonials from customers, etc.
  • Pictures of key staff, a video of day-to-day operations or products will help you to stand out and make a connection. Video is the most powerful form of marketing out there at present.

Contact Page

  • Make your contact form as simple as possible – if it’s long-winded or tricky you could lose that prospective lead at the final hurdle.
  • Have the shortest of contact forms – this isn’t the time for 20 questions. Name: Email: Message: Send – job done. You can always get more information at the next stage.
  • Have your phone number, address and directions on this page too, but little else. You don’t want to distract the visitor as they are about to hit the button and become a lead!

Of course visitors don’t always follow the flow, and blog readers rarely become leads. But without content and links your website will struggle to get the SEO ranking. And without these rankings you won’t attract the targeted visitors, thereby having no converted visitors to become qualified leads.

So… in the words of the song ‘It started with a blog…’

If you want to get blogging on your website we can help. Why not get in touch today?

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