Attention Grabbing Email Marketing

It’s a well-known fact that people like to deal with people – take the automated phone systems that are everywhere these days ‘press one for this – press two for that…’ it drives me nuts, wading through various options only to end up holding for an operator anyway!

Email MarketingMake your email marketing campaigns talk to your customer; plant the seeds, empathize with them, show them you are a problem solver. Entice them to learn more about how you can help solve their problem (relative to your product or service, of course!) by having the links to your website strategically placed. Mailchimp, one of the most widely used email marketing programmes used around the world has some great tips and advice
Here are 3 tips to help make your email marketing a success…

Use the subject line effectively – Every day we all get marketing emails flooding our inbox.

  • Make your email stand out from the crowd
  • Give thought to your subject line
  • Make your reader want to click into the email
  • Spark their curiosity, making them interested to learn more

So… no more unimaginative subject lines like ‘August Newsletter’, let’s face it we’ve all been guilty of this – even me!

Keep it brief – There is no value to you in telling the reader everything in your email. The aim of email marketing is to get more visitors to your website, more phone call enquiries, or visitors calling into your business premises.
• Keep the content concise, to the point and engaging enough that they will want to click through to your website
• These days over 65% of emails are opened on a mobile device. Scrolling through a long email just isn’t going to happen – people are quick to move on to the next on the list, so keep it brief

Optimise your images – Remember to link any images you use directly to a relevant page on your website.
• Create images with text on them – these could be your ‘call to action’ links, rather than overloading the email with text links.
• Something to consider is that many recipients may have images disabled from automatic loading. This means your marketing email will appear with broken images. In fact over 40% of Gmail users read email without images turned on.
• Use Alt Text for your images (describe the image with text), it will give the reader an idea of what the images are, which should encourage them to load the images and get the full effect of your email.

So why don’t you send your marketing email to me with a catchy subject line, calls to action and Alt Text images – I’d love to read them!

If you would like to have a quality email marketing campaign but don’t have the time to give to it – Current Content can help – Why not get in touch?

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