Many may think that email marketing is a non-runner, especially since the new GDPR rules kicked in. This is not the case; email marketing can work for you. Okay, your mailing list may have been severely depleted after sending out numerous ‘opt-in’ emails with less positive response than you would have liked.

Don’t give up, email marketing is still a great way to generate leads and grow your business, you just have to give it a little more thought and not just churn them out.


Email marketing can work for you if you follow some of these best practices


Incentives in the subject line can increase open rates, like free shipping or free product, however if you do this too often they will be less effective. It’s important not to look like you’re selling all the time; if people are not ready to buy they may just unsubscribe. Instead mix up the emails, give industry insights or helpful tips.

Keep it simple; the less clutter the more success you will have with click-through and conversions. Keep your font types to no more than two or three.

Personalise the email greeting with your contact’s first name, it will grab the reader’s attention straight away. Mailchimp makes this really easy to do. Email marketing can work for you

Write a concise subject line as mobile devices and some email accounts often cut off subject lines at a set point. Ideally a good subject line should be between 30 and 50 characters (including spaces) and create a sense of urgency and expectation for the reader.

Make sure your logo is clearly visible. Studies have shown that people instinctively look for a logo in the top left corner.

Consistency between your email and the landing page it links to is really important. Headline, text and imagery should match on both; this will give the reader trust in the content. Use tracking tools to see which emails and landing pages worked best and keep doing it!

Keep the important stuff above the fold. This is your compelling call-to-action (CTA), if this comes below the fold chances are up to 70% of recipients won’t see it. You should also repeat your call-to-action at least three times throughout the email; this could be a link on an image or as part of the written text.


Build your email marketing list and see how email marketing can work for you


I thought we’d finish off with a few ideas on how to build your mailing list.

Create a slide-in or pop-up for the individual pages on your website. Not something that jumps out at the visitor in the first 2 seconds – in most instances people will click no immediately. Instead set them to appear when they are 10 or 15 seconds in or when they have scrolled so far down the page. At this point readers have shown enough of an interest to make them consider saying yes to your CTA to subscribe.

Try a timed pop-up survey to help build your mailing list. For example: You seem interested in our energy boosting meal plan, would you like to sign up to receive easy recipe ideas? A simple yes (enter email) and no thanks button, and then send. You could be surprised at the response.

Use your social media platforms to boost email subscribers. The people who follow you on Facebook, Twitter etc may not be subscribed to your email newsletters. Prepare a few social media posts aimed at getting sign-ups, make them appealing indicating that your newsletters contain offers, tips discounts etc that aren’t always available on social media.

Include a link in your email signature to a landing page with a sign-up to our newsletter CTA. It’s just another avenue that can bring in more subscribers.


Email marketing can work for you


You can see now how email marketing can work for you; yes some of these things will take time (time which you probably don’t have!) that’s what Current Content is here for!

A little nugget to remember… people who sign up to your email marketing list want to hear from you – don’t disappoint them. Once you have them on the list sending out regular interesting emails is a must.


Email marketing can work for you with consistency. For regular email newsletters talk to Current Content we do what you don’t have time to do!

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