Many websites have an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, basically a single page filled with lots of questions and answers related to your business. Before you rush into creating this ask yourself a question. Do you need an FAQ page?

The FAQ page can help reduce your customer support by giving people the answers to their questions without them having to email or ring you. It shows the visitor that you are aware of issues they may have with your products or services and provides them with answers. Great, you say! On the flip side of this it can be argued that good content targeted at the visitors’ needs can eliminate the need for an FAQ page.

If you feel that you do need an FAQ page, make sure it is a useful one

FAQ pages are often criticised for hardly ever having the answer to the reader’s question. Too often they are filled with single line answers for random generic questions that are just common sense really. A good FAQ page should be easy for the readers to digest with real answers to real questions.

You need to spend some time collecting information on the issues that come up frequently. It’s always a good idea to ask your customer support team to help with this as they are often the ones facing the questions. With your list of issues you can then work on creating questions and answers. need a FAQ page

Any major questions that come to light can mean that your website content is lacking clarity in this area. Don’t put questions like this in a one-line answer on an FAQ page (or if you do make sure to link the answer to the relevant website page). Instead provide an in-depth answer where it is needed on your website.

Google searches now try to match a question with the most relevant answer when a user is searching the internet. This is where SEO comes in. Google is at the top of the game when it comes to search engines. It is becoming more able to determine search intent and will rank a web page highest if it fits the search term as well as the specific query.

What is search intent? This is the reason people type in a specific search. It can be for a specific website, something they want to buy or a question they want answering. On an FAQ page the relevance of the question people search and the in-depth answer you provide will make the difference in how you appear in the page search results.

Do you need an FAQ page? I don’t think so!

All too often an FAQ page is a sea of ‘How do I… , What do I…, Why can’t I…’ making it very difficult to actually see what you want quickly. Something else to consider is that if your website pages are written well and include answers that will alleviate the readers’ pain points, then anything you repeat in an FAQ page is unnecessary duplication.

Write strong SEO optimised web pages and forget about compiling an FAQ page. Chances are today’s website users won’t stick around long enough to get to your FAQ page… and that’s not something you want to happen. Strong content throughout your website will give visitors all they need to know to take things to the next stage in the buying process.


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