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12 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Have you started a new website but you're not sure where to start in terms of increasing your traffic? Follow our 12 tips below on specific areas to target: 1) On-page optimisation - Ensure your website is optimised to ensure best possible results in the SERPs. Meta...

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All About You

Is the content on your website all about you? Is your mailshot or newsletter filled with – We have, We Are, We will? It’s time to take the ‘we’ out of your content! Most, if not all of your customers are really only interested in what’s in it for them – What can you...

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Google Rewards Great Content

Google rewards great content Your audience want great content Your business deserves great content The impact of your website or your blog content can become diluted and less effective if too much emphasise is put on SEO and keywords (especially if you are not an SEO...

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7 Steps for effective Social Media

7 Steps for effective Social Media
Social Media… it’s no longer just the pastime of teenagers and techie people; it is a critical marketing tool for every business from the multi-million corporate company to the one-man carpenter or bespoke shoemaker. That doesn’t mean rushing out to join every social media channel that is out there; nobody has the time or energy for that.
Follow these 7 simple pieces of advice and you will find that getting on-board with Social Media could be the best business decision you make this year!

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Email Marketing – Grab their Attention!

It’s a well-known fact that people like to deal with people – take the automated phone systems that are everywhere these days ‘press one for this – press two for that…’ it drives me nuts, wading through various options only to end up holding for an operator anyway!
Make your email marketing campaigns talk to your customer; plant the seeds, empathize with them, show them you are a problem solver…

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