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Ideas to improve your online presence using fresh content and images on your website, social media posts and email marketing campaigns to attract more visitors to your website, from our Digital Content Manager.



6 Tips for a Brilliant Website Home Page

As we all compete for the attention of internet browsers it’s never been so important to have a brilliant website home page. We’ve said it before – your website is your shop front and the home page is the front door.  If visitors don’t like what they see they are back...

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Why People Leave Your Website

Generating business from your website isn’t as simple as putting your website live and watching the sales flood in. There can be many reasons why people leave your website. We’ve outlined five common mistakes businesses can make with their website. Addressing these...

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5 Tips on Using Facebook for Business

Do you have a Facebook page for your business? If not you should consider it, Facebook can be a valuable marketplace for attracting new people to your website. Our 5 tips on using Facebook for business will help you to learn how to make the most of this social media...

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6 tips to improve your Website Contact Form

The Contact Form on your website is what connects you directly to the user. It can be a new business opportunity or a sign-up to know more about your company. It can be a customer service question that can turn a bad user experience into a satisfied customer. This is...

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Your Website is Your Shop Front

Your Website is Your Shop Front Like any retailer you need to be creative with your window dressing. In the digital world your website is your shop front. Investing in email marketing, social media and Google Ads that direct visitors to your website could all be money...

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