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Ideas to improve your online presence using fresh content and images on your website, social media posts and email marketing campaigns to attract more visitors to your website, from our Digital Content Manager.



Generating Leads from Your Website

Are you generating leads from your website? Great if you are, but is there enough of them coming through?There are lots of factors to consider for your website to be a success in lead generation; it all starts with the layout and flow of your website. All...

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5 Benefits of Email marketing

Given that most people, I'm not just talking business people, use email every day, it makes sense that the benefits of email marketing are pretty damn positive. After all this is an inexpensive marking strategy that will reach your target audience directly...

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Plan your 2019 social media Strategy

If your business is a bit of a stranger to social media you're missing out on business opportunities every day. It’s time to plan your 2019 social media strategy. Did you know that around a quarter of the world's population uses...

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7 things to avoid doing on your website

If you're building a new website, or upgrading your existing site, this blog post is right up your street. Read on to learn about the 7 things to avoid doing on your website. Vague headlines on the home page Be clear with your headlines. A visitor's first...

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Do You Need an FAQ Page?

Many websites have an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page, basically a single page filled with lots of questions and answers related to your business. Before you rush into creating this ask yourself a question. Do you need an FAQ page? The FAQ page can...

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5 Tips for Effective Keyword Research

When you’ve put time and effort into creating a slick new website you want to get it out there. If you haven’t done an effective keyword research first, your efforts may be in vein. Haven’t a clue where to start?   Check our 5 tips for effective...

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Email marketing can work for you

Many may think that email marketing is a non-runner, especially since the new GDPR rules kicked in. This is not the case; email marketing can work for you. Okay, your mailing list may have been severely depleted after sending out numerous ‘opt-in’ emails...

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Do Small Businesses Need Social Media?

Do small businesses need social media? The short answer is YES! Okay, maybe you know that deep down, but if you are like the many SME’s out there who just don’t have the time or the know-how to firstly get to grips with posting something more in keeping...

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Does Your Website Have Thin Content?

We all know the phrase ‘Content is King’ but do we follow the advice? Does your website have thin content, or is it bursting with wise words, images, infographics and videos? While content is king it only wears the crown if it is relevant, meaningful...

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SEO Myths and Truths

SEO, that big black hole that mystifies and terrifies, is about to become a little clearer as we take a look at some SEO myths and truths. Most of you know the importance of good SEO for your website but still get a little baffled by the SEO myths and...

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Benefits of Email Marketing

Are you cashing in on the benefits of email marketing, or do you think it’s not worth the effort? If you’re not one of the many businesses who are reaping the benefits of email marketing campaigns perhaps this post will help you to see what you can get out...

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How often to post on Social Media

There is so much info around how often to post on social media that even I can find it confusing! So while trying to pin down optimum times for my clients and for Current Content, I decided to share it. Hopefully this will help you work out what’s best for...

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