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Ideas to improve your online presence using fresh content and images on your website, social media posts and email marketing campaigns to attract more visitors to your website, from our Digital Content Manager.



Email marketing can work for you

Many may think that email marketing is a non-runner, especially since the new GDPR rules kicked in. This is not the case; email marketing can work for you. Okay, your mailing list may have been severely depleted after sending out numerous ‘opt-in’ emails...

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Do Small Businesses Need Social Media?

Do small businesses need social media? The short answer is YES! Okay, maybe you know that deep down, but if you are like the many SME’s out there who just don’t have the time or the know-how to firstly get to grips with posting something more in keeping...

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Does Your Website Have Thin Content?

We all know the phrase ‘Content is King’ but do we follow the advice? Does your website have thin content, or is it bursting with wise words, images, infographics and videos? While content is king it only wears the crown if it is relevant, meaningful...

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SEO Myths and Truths

SEO, that big black hole that mystifies and terrifies, is about to become a little clearer as we take a look at some SEO myths and truths. Most of you know the importance of good SEO for your website but still get a little baffled by the SEO myths and...

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Benefits of Email Marketing

Are you cashing in on the benefits of email marketing, or do you think it’s not worth the effort? If you’re not one of the many businesses who are reaping the benefits of email marketing campaigns perhaps this post will help you to see what you can get out...

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How often to post on Social Media

There is so much info around how often to post on social media that even I can find it confusing! So while trying to pin down optimum times for my clients and for Current Content, I decided to share it. Hopefully this will help you work out what’s best for...

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The Importance of a Headline

With the attention span of web visitors getting shorter all the time the importance of a headline has never been so critical. If your headline doesn’t grab the reader’s attention – they’re GONE... and that could be your next big customer lost! The headline...

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Website Review Checklist

When was the last time you went through your website checking everything is still relevant, links still work, keywords are still appropriate for your market, images still send out the right message... the list goes on? Going through a full website review...

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Google and SEO – How does it Work?

How many of you know how Google works when it comes to search ranking? It can be complicated I know, but understanding Google and SEO can help you to improve both your SEO and your Google ranking. So how does Google work? Google has a crawler, an index and...

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5 Tips when using images on website pages

Finding the right image is often the slowest part of creating a new web page. If you’re asking yourself do I need to add an image – the answer is yes! Using images on website pages makes the content more vivid, more alive. When images are optimised correctly then can...

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6 Tips for a Brilliant Website Home Page

As we all compete for the attention of internet browsers it’s never been so important to have a brilliant website home page. We’ve said it before – your website is your shop front and the home page is the front door.  If visitors don’t like what they see they are back...

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