How do you increase your website traffic and visibility?
A regular blog post is certainly a good place to start!

If you are one of the many businesses who think blogging is some kind of online diary for sharing stories and cookery recipes – think again! The blog post is now considered to be a reliable source of information on many topics, an ideal place for you to give your customers and target audience credible information on your product or service.

Write It - 9561329_sBlogging is one of the essential tools for online marketing… here’s how you can use regular blogging to help your website accomplish better rankings in Google:-

Fresh relevant content – the regular addition of fresh credible content and new keywords to your website not only creates new opportunities to be found in searches, it also gives visitors to your site a reason to come back.

Relevant keywords – it’s no longer an option to stuff your website content with keywords, regardless of whether it makes sense or not, for SEO purposes. Nowadays Google will penalize this method. A quality blog post can incorporate long-tail keywords (these are sentences your visitor may search for) and high-traffic keywords into the text in the right context, scoring a few brownie points with Google.

Social Media Activity – when you have blog content which is interesting, relevant to your market and informative, you need to share it! Take snippets that will leave the reader wanting more, with a link back to your website, and share on your chosen social media channels. When people like what they see and read, they have a tendency to share or like in other Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ profiles. One of the ways Google determines the authenticity of your site is through the amount of social activity it generates. This helps you rank higher in searches.

More web pages = more search chances – Your website won’t necessarily be ranked higher with Google for having more pages; however the more indexed pages your site has, the better its chances of being found through ling-tailed keyword searches. More so because blog pages are always accessible, even old ones – another reason to start creating regular blog posts.

What's your StoryAside from the regular SEO benefits, consistent blog posts, with interesting and informative content relevant to your business sector, could make your website the place to go for answers. This increases social media links, website visits and Google rankings!

If you see the value in regular blog posts for your business but don’t have the time to commit, talk to Current Content – we can help with writing and scheduling your blog posts and social media.

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