7 Steps for effective Social Media

Social Media… it’s no longer just the pastime of teenagers and techie people; it is a critical marketing tool for every business from the multi-million corporate company to the one-man carpenter or bespoke shoemaker. That doesn’t mean rushing out to join every social media channel that is out there; nobody has the time or energy for that.

Follow these 7 simple pieces of advice and you will find that getting on-board with Social Media could be the best business decision you make this year!

7 steps to effective social media1.  Don’t dismiss managing your Twitter or Facebook account as a job for an intern or the office junior – Your social media is a reflection of your brand and your business and should be taken seriously. If you don’t have the right person for the job, consider outsourcing to a content & marketing professional like Current Content.

2.  Actively look for new followers by following people interested in your competitors, and using hashtags for your industry.

3.  Promote your social media through your website and your business email signature.

4.  Post consistently to keep your followers interested – There’s no point working hard building up an account with many followers if you neglect it afterwards.

5.  Your brand can be fun, but it should also be professional. Make sure your postings reflect your corporate image, and build on your business goals.

6.  Choose social media channels that fit your brand and your business; where your users or customers are. Create innovative content for them that will connect them to your brand.

7.  Interact with your followers; without a response your social media channels become just another PR channel.

So now you know that using social media to grow your business doesn’t mean just opening a company Facebook page.

If you know that an active social media strategy is what your business needs but you don’t have the time to put into it, contact us at Current Content, we’d love to help… it’s what we do!

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