As we all compete for the attention of internet browsers it’s never been so important to have a brilliant website home page.

We’ve said it before – your website is your shop front and the home page is the front door.  If visitors don’t like what they see they are back to the Google search page in the blink of an eye.

Here are 6 tips for a brilliant website home page that will hold visitors attention and outshine the competition.


The Who, What and Why

Be sure to say who you are, what you do, and most importantly what the visitor gets from your website. It’s really critical to get this right. If visitors can’t recognize what you do in seconds, they’ll be gone again thinking that they are in the wrong place.

Connect with your target audience

If your home page is aimed family health care, yet filled with corporate jargon it can be an instant turn off. In a similar vein, padding out a simple message in a ball of fluff will have visitors clicking the back button. Being straight with your target audience will indicate that you know your stuff making them more likely to delve further into your website. connect to target audience for brilliant website home page

Communicate the value

A brilliant website home page will instantly show the visitor that this is what they are looking for, persuading them to investigate further.

Be mobile responsive

Of course it’s so important that your website is mobile responsive. Did you know that more that 51% of internet use comes through mobile devices? Oh, and another thing… don’t have flash banners, pop up windows and other distractive complications. People are always in a hurry and these things can get in the way.

Encourage visitors to take action!

Call to Action

Compelling calls to action are what get visitors to, buy the product, move through your website, or contact you directly. Make sure that your primary call to action is always located above the line on your home page. It’s important too that all CTAs are clear in their instruction. A brilliant website home page will turn your site into a sales/lead generator rather than a brochure to flick through. brilliant website home page has call to action button

Changing the home page

Don’t be afraid to make big changes to your home page, especially if your business is seasonal. Florists, caterers, fashion boutiques, or chimney sweeps all have seasons. Use this opportunity to make changes on your home page with striking design, imagery and CTAs to trigger interaction and sales from visitors.

Take all of this into consideration and you‘ll be on your way to having a brilliant website home page


I’m still a great believer in building business through referrals. This can work on your website too. Putting client/ customer testimonials on the home page of your website gives visitors reassurance and your business credibility. If you sell products online encourage buyers to leave a review and feed these through to the home page.

A brilliant website home page will build trust, communicate value and guide visitors towards the results you are aiming for.


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