If you outsource your content writing to a copywriting service like Current Content, great!

But it doesn’t let you off the hook when it comes to content creation that gets results. You all know already that regular updates of quality content on your website will attract more visitors, increase brand awareness and help with Google ratings.

If you don’t have a clear picture of what you want to achieve, you won’t grab the attention of visitors in that crucial eight second attention span before they click off and move on.

So, you have an accomplished copywriter, either within your business or with a service like Current Content. Now give them something specific to work with and you will have content creation that gets results, rather than quality content that falls into the abyss.

Why not try these ideas for content creation that gets results…

Consider your audience and their demographic traits.

  • Who searches for info on your product or service; think of their ages, job roles etc.
  • What emotions do you want to evoke?
  • What do you want to reader to do next? Buy your product? Share the post? Sign up for a newsletter?

Once you have a clearer idea of the audience you can use this to weed out the good and not so good ideas. Keep the ones that fit and ditch the rest!

Creating a topic cluster will help you to plan a number of posts in advance – great if you need to give briefs to your copywriter (they will thank you for it, believe me). This Matthew Marby post gives a greater insight into Topic Clusters. Tpoic cluster image - Content creation that gets results

Check out your competitors

Studying the competitors’ websites, social media platforms, even their mailshots and newsletters if you can get your hands on them, will give you an insight into the interaction they get to what they write about. Aim to be different. Look for your own angle; the unique selling point for your business.

It’s important to get the style right too. An academic style for a website aimed at twenty something film buffs won’t go down too well!

Use questions & answers for blog posts

Think about the questions that are asked by your customers or clients. For example if you are a nutritionist you might get asked ‘Is brown bread healthier than granary?’ If people are searching the question they are more likely to be interested in your web page and will stick around longer.

Plan a blog schedule

Planning a blog schedule is helpful to your business and your copywriter. You can plan around events and promotions specific to your industry rather than scrabbling around at the last minute to take advantage of the timing, or even worse, missing the opportunity altogether.

As part of the schedule try looking at the people within your business; are there any topics that someone is especially knowledgeable in. For example, there may be someone who has worked in the industry in another country before joining your company. A post on the differences between the two can be an interesting post for your readers.

You could do a guest post for the website of a business that compliments yours. For example if you are a florist specialising in weddings, you could write a post for a hotel that is a popular wedding venue. wedding table with flowers - content creation that gets results

Good visual content is vital

Content creation that gets results has to include good visual content. Give plenty of time to look at and choose your images. People remember images easier than just text alone, often spending more time looking at images rather than words. So choose pictures that help tell your story.

Break up your content

The other thing readers like to do is skim-read content. If you want readers to stay on your page, give them what they want. Break up the text with bullet points, numbered lists, bold text and headers. Add to the mix your quality images, infographics or videos and you will keep the reader interested.

Don’t forget, once your website posts are published you need to share them on social media platforms to help drive people to your website.

If you do need the services of a copywriter to help you to put all of this into practice and produce content creation that gets results, let’s have a chat!

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