Do you have a Facebook page for your business? If not you should consider it, Facebook can be a valuable marketplace for attracting new people to your website.

Our 5 tips on using Facebook for business will help you to learn how to make the most of this social media platform and stand out in the crowded news feeds of your followers.

Be recognised – Give careful thought to the profile picture you use. This is visible at the top of your page and used as your thumbnail on any posts you make. If you keep swapping and changing your profile picture it will be more difficult for your company and your brand to be remembered.

You want to be recognised, remembered and called upon when your product or service is needed. Choose an image that instantly tells your audience what you do, or your company logo, to maximise your success on Facebook.5 Tips on Using Facebook for Business

Complete the ‘About’ section – Leaving the ‘About’ section blank is a missed opportunity. People who visit your page looking for your line of business will click on the about section. Make sure to include relevant information; what you sell, the services you offer, areas you supply etc. Don’t forget to add a link to your website, contact details and opening times. This helps answer people’s immediate questions, giving them confidence in your company.

Don’t make assumptions that what works for another business will work for you – our 5 tips on using Facebook for business can help.


Use Visual Content – I know you hear this all the time; visual content really is essential for success on a social media page. Using visual content in Facebook posts generates over 65% more engagement than posts without images or video. People’s attention span is short; the human brain can process visual content faster than text so use multimedia in your posts and grab your share of their attention!

Laptop showing Facebook - 5 Tips on Using Facebook for Business

How often to post and when – It’s not a good idea to post too often on Facebook. Yes, you may become recognisable… but only as a nuisance. Instead of bombarding people’s newsfeed take time to craft higher quality, more target specific posts. Be recognised for quality not quantity.

There are many opinions on the best times to post. Really it depends on your business and your target audience. If your business is new to Facebook it is worth reading some of the data out there, then make up your own mind. Look at your posts using the Facebook analysis tools to see when the maximum interaction occurs, then decide what times work best for your business.

Response time – Social media is interactive; people who see your posts comment, ask questions etc., and they expect to see a response fairly quickly too. Make a point of checking your Facebook account regularly throughout the day. Respond to all the comments, even the negative ones. Ignoring them can be disappointing, even causing anger and negative reviews of your company. This is definitely not good for business.

If our 5 tips on using Facebook for business have got you thinking you need to up your game a little on your Facebook page, but could do with a little help, talk to Sue in Current Content today

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