With more competition than ever, having a content strategy for your business has never been so important. According to the Content Marketing Institute 70% of B2B marketers surveyed said they are creating more content this year than in 2016.

What is a content strategy you ask?

A content strategy is the management of pretty much any media that you create whether it is the written word, images, videos or downloads.

Creating a content strategy for your business can help you to prepare and plan for cost-effective ways to get the word out about your product or service and generate organic traffic to your website. A good plan will not only educate your target market but raise awareness of your brand and help generate more business.

Here are 5 pointers we’d like to share when it comes to creating a content strategy for your business

1. What is your aim?

Without an aim or a goal planning your content strategy will be a bit like fishing in the dark. Establish your end goal though a thought out process. Be specific, make it attainable, be relevant and create a time-line, this will lead to more successful results.

2. Who is your target audience?

A successful plan does need a clearly defined audience. When you know your target audience you can produce content that is relevant, that they will want to read, share and act on. Even if you’re not new to marketing you should still revisit your audience parameters as part of your content strategy to ensure the best results.

3. Why a brainstorming session is important.

Often others in your business will see things differently; the plus points and the negatives, to how you see them. This is why involving others in a brainstorming session is important if you want to get a good spectrum of ideas.

There are many online tools that can help with content ideas.

Feedly is a RSS feed where you can find content ideas on trending topics in your industry. Buzzsumo uses social media shares to analyse a piece of content’s popularity and generate information to help you see the content ideas that will do well.

4. Which types of content do you want to create?

There are a number of content options to consider; you need to decide which will work best for your business.

Blog posts should be posted regularly on your website to attract new visitors. Create good valuable content that will encourage visitors to share on social media and other websites.

Infographics can arrange large bulky text into visualized data that is easier to retain and understand. If you have a lot of information that you want to make clear and easy to read infographics could be a good option for you.

Videos are a big content medium these days. They do require a much greater investment of time over written content. If you know your business will benefit from video content it is worth the investment. Did you know that video content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media?

The above are website content mediums. There are also external elements to the content strategy for your business. Caldenar - Content Strategy for Your Business

Social media can be a strong source of business leads and increase website visits in almost all industry sectors. Whether it’s LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms, posting regularly with links to your website will help to increase business. There are many other areas to explore when planning your content strategy – that’s another day’s blog post!

5. Why you need content calendar.

Now that you know the content needed to promote your business it’s important to optimize the delivery of that content. Create a content calendar where you can clearly note the schedule for all the content mediums. A calendar will help to keep a well balanced and diverse content strategy. Like most businesses you will have content that is relevant at all times, but you will also have content that can link to timely topics like Christmas, Halloween etc. With a calendar you can plan for these rather than scrabbling to put something together at the last minute.

Now it’s time for you to get started on the content strategy for your business.

I’m sure your head is buzzing with ideas. If you find you don’t have the time or resources to implement your content strategy effectively, talk to Current Content, we can help with all aspects of your content marketing plans.

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