Given that most people, I’m not just talking business people, use email every day, it makes sense that the benefits of email marketing are pretty damn positive. After all this is an inexpensive marking strategy that will reach your target audience directly in their in-box, a place they visit every day!

Here are 5 benefits of email marketing to consider when planning your marketing strategy for this year.

  1. Email marketing works

Connecting with your customers in this way can make them feel valued as an individual, not just a ‘sale’. Clever emailing strategies allow you to keep in touch with subscribers on a consistent basis, even if it’s just a simple ‘welcome on board’ or ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. Reading a simple email like this can put a smile on our face, making the sender more memorable, creating interest when future emails arrive in our in-box.

  1. Increase traffic to your website.

Emails are a great way of encouraging traffic to your website – simply include relevant links to pages on your website. Writing about a product, or the intro to your latest blog post can create interest and encourage clicks through to the website, Or perhaps a special offer only available through your website can be promoted in the email, again encouraging clicks through to the website. benefits of emailmmarketing - traffic

  1. Boost your sales

Email marketing is a great way to encourage impulse buying. Customers react to an email that talks about something that they can relate to, connected to a previous purchase, especially if it’s at a special discount. Amazon is a prime example that gets me every time. When they email me about books similar to what I’ve recently read, I’ve clicked through to the website before I know it!

  1. Increase brand recognition

You can have the edge over your competitors standing out as a clearly identifiable brand, with consistent email marketing that contains valuable content. Consistency is key; customers will come to recognise your company branding relating it to quality content.

  1. Target marketing emails

Segmenting your customer database to allow you to send targeted content that will resonate with the recipient is a powerful benefit of email marketing. By adjusting your email campaigns to the different target audiences you are likely to see a much stronger engagement.


These are some of the benefits of email marketing. To get the best results it is also important to check the stats, understand the metrics and make your changes accordingly.

If you’re just getting started with email marketing Mailchimp is a great platform and free to use if you have fewer than 2000 subscribers!

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