4 ‘Must Haves’ for a Powerful Contact Page!

Is your website generating leads? If not you may be missing one or more of these important ‘must haves’ to give you that powerful contact page.

Having a great website isn’t a one horse race. Your competitors will always be hot on your heels. Don’t fall at the final hurdle – creating a powerful contact page that will make people want to connect with you, will put you ahead of the field as you gallop to the finish line to claim the ‘More Business’ trophy!

Of course the contact page is not all about leads – it’s the go-to-place for customers to get in touch about anything…

  • Product information
  • Returns process
  • Complaints procedure

It should clearly show visitors how to reach the info they require.

Check out these 4 ‘must have’s and create a powerful contact page on your website…

Function Correctly:

More Business Winners Trophy for powerful contact page

More Business’ Trophy

  • To pick up the More Business trophy your contact page must work or it won’t satisfy the visitor or convert into business.
  • Make sure the link to your contact page is in the main menu bar and in the footer.
  • While there will be less text on the contact page, it should still be well written and include calls-to-action.
  • Not just the contact page, but your whole site, should be fast and mobile responsive to obtain the best results – if a site fails to load in under 3 seconds you can lose up to 40% of your leads!

Look Great:

Call to action buttons for powerful contact page

Call to Action Buttons

Don’t let your site down at the final hurdle. It’s important that you put as much effort into making the Contact page as amazing to look at as the rest of your website.

  • Call-to-action buttons should be used sparingly – used correctly they can have a dramatic impact on conversion rates.
  • Creating the button in the same colour as our logo makes it easy for the visitor to associate with the action.
  • Another theory on the colour of contact buttons is shown in a test carried out for Performable where a red button was tested against a green one for conversion… Red means ‘stop’ or ‘delete’ to most people whilst green is associated with going ahead. Still, the red button outperformed the green by a whopping 21%.
  • So yes, colour does matter, as does the text that’s used on the button.

Include a form:

Contact Form for powerful contact page

Simple Contact Form

Make it easy for the visitor to get in touch. A powerful Contact Page should always include a simple form.

  • Keep it simple, you might think this a good opportunity to gather lots of information, but it is of no interest to your visitor. If you ask too many questions they just won’t bother.
  • Remember the percentage of web activity from a mobile device is growing every day; visitors certainly won’t want to type in piles of detail on a tiny mobile keypad!
  • Your contact form should contain input fields for name – email address – phone number – message. Do keep the phone number optional, many people don’t like to give out their number, if they have to they may just abandon the contact altogether.

Show relevant contact information:

Increase your odds – show all the important contact info, this way you are covering all options allowing people contact you directly if they prefer.

  • Show phone number and email address
  • Include a map showing the actual location of your premises if it is of benefit
  • Prepare a FAQ page and link to it from the contact page – especially useful for answering more general questions about how things work, complaints procedure, booking process etc.
  • Include links to your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Now before you head off to make changes to perfect a powerful contact page don’t forget that the most important thing of all is to always have someone on hand to respond to queries that come through your website. 

answer queries for a powerful contact page

Answer Queries

  • Be sure to respond to contact form or email messages promptly
  • If your contact phone number is displayed big and bold, make sure there is a competent company representative ready to answer calls

Your contact form is a way for people to get in touch and find out more about your business, products and services. As such, make sure that someone is always available to represent your company.


If you’ve seen a really inspiring, Powerful Contact Page on any of the websites you’ve visited we’d love to hear about them.


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